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We continuously strive to be the most innovative provider of snow removal machines trusted for airports and municipal applications.

SNOCOM developed the Snowcuber that reduces the volume of snow before loading it in a truck, by pressing out the air from the snow. This patented technology enables airports to preserve their stand capacity, reduce the number of dump trucks, apron movements, operational expenditures and emissions.

The Snowcuber

Patented snow removal design

Our extensive and innovative study led to the development of a snow compressor module that compresses snow by squeezing out the air, reducing the volume of the snow up to 66%; the Snowcuber. Our process preserves more stand capacity, with fewer delays and cancelled flights as a result. 

Our view on snowfall

A solution for every challenge

Snowfall and snow on the ground can severely disrupt daily life, often leading to substantial economic damage. This is especially the case for airports which rely on clean aprons, taxi- and runways for safe operation.

Any significant amount of snowfall should be removed as quickly as possible to prevent delayed and cancelled flights which cost the airport industry up to 8 billion dollars a year. However, the techniques currently in use for snow removal have not changed much and have several disadvantages such as poor cost effectiveness and a relatively large environmentally impact.

In response to this, a new type of snow removal machine has been designed by SNOCOM. Our machine, named the Snowcuber, ingests large amounts of snow and exploits the compressibility of the snow to reduces the snow’s volume by a factor 3.

Excellent customer support

Service beyond innovation

The Snowcuber is developed in close co-operation with professional users who set strict requirements for capacity, clearing speed and end results.

‘’We continuously strive to be the most innovative provider of snow removal machines.”
George Mensonides - Managing Director SNOCOM B.V.

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