SNOCOM developed the Snowcuber that reduces the volume of snow before loading it in a truck, by pressing out the air from the snow. This patented technology enables airports to preserve their stand capacity, reduce the number of dump trucks, apron movements, operational expenditures and emissions.
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol purchased the first Snowcuber in July 2015, which was spotted by the Dutch Minister of Transportation Melanie Schultz van Haegen. A copy of this Snowcuber is tested extensively at Engadin Airport in Switzerland in February and March 2016.


The Snowcuber can plow, load and compress the snow. A Snocom sweeper can be added at the rear of the tractor to minimize the salt usage. All these features offer airports a valuable business case.
Currently two ramp hogs plow the snow on to a pile on the side of the stand. With the Snowcuber it is possible to use a single plow that create a windrow on the stand. Regarding the type and amount of snow, the Snowcuber can load and compress this snow directly in a dump truck. As a consequence there are no piles on the apron that decrease stand capacity and form a safety issue. The amount of dump trucks can be decreased by at least a factor two due to compression and controlled loading. And no snow sticks at the walls of the dump truck due to the controlled loading, maintaining the volume of the dump truck during the snow event.
The Snocom Snowcuber. all advantages

In the example of the video above, two centimeter of fresh snow and sixteen cubic meter in total, covered the stand. The Snowcuber reduced this volume to less than four cubic meter of snow in the dump truck.

In contrary to the current technology the Snowcuber is capable to load the snow controlled in a dump truck. It can therefore make a ‘piramide’ on top of the dump truck. The capacity of the dumptruck is increased from 18 to more than 25 cubic meter.
Snocom pyramid loading


For more information about the Snowcuber, like technical specifications, please contact us.